Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cars of yesteryears....

This time I am writing about cars of yesteryears.

Of course these cars were sold in Malaysia and perhaps you can still some of them running today like there is no tomorrow..

This is my tribute to those days...

These cars are particularly from the 70's right up to the late 80's (a tribute to Uncle Lee :) )

These cars were there when I was born and they will be forever etched in my memory.

No, I never owned them myself except some Protons but that were later Protons.

My father and my uncles may have owned some of them.

Some of you who might still remember them, I am sure many have fond memories with them.

Cars do bring us back memories especially when we were young.

Not to mention that they were affordable too in those days.

Here goes the cars of those bygone era:

Ford Escort Mark I ( a very successful rally car) circa 1973

Ford Escort Mark II 1978

Datsun 120Y 1973(lovingly known as Datsun Buah Kana because of the rear lights)


Datsun 120Y 1977

Datsun 120Y 1980

Opel Kadett 1977

Fiat 127 1979

Fiat 131 Mirafiori 1979

Toyota Corrolla KE10 1966

Toyota Corrolla KE20 1971

Toyota Corrolla KE30 1974

Toyota Corrolla KE70 1980

Toyota Corrolla AE80 1984, the AE80 is known as Corrolla LE (the first front wheel drive Corolla)

Mini Clubman/Cooper/Classic/Minor/Morris 1958-1970s

Volvo 240/244 1975

Honda Civic 1st gen (also known as Civic telur) 1976

Honda Civic 2nd gen 1982

Honda Civic 3rd gen 1985

Honda Civic 4th gen 1990

Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1977

Fiat 132 1978

Peugeot 204 1974

Peugeot 404 1974

Citroen GS Pallas 1975

Skoda 120 1979

Proton Saga 1st gen- out very own legend in the making.1985

Datsun 160J SSS (sports car) 1977

Datsun 160J SSS (sports car) 1974


Datsun Bluebird 1.8SSS (sports saloon) 1981

Daihatsu Charade G10 1979

Mercedes Benz W123 1979

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1973

Mazda 323 1981

Honda Accord 1st gen 1977

Honda Accord 2nd gen 1984

Nissan Sunny 1983

Lastly, any car write-up will not be complete without this legend. In the beginning it was the car nobody wanted but in the end became an automotive icon the world over.

That is the VW Beetle 1970 model...


This car is a legend and almost everybody we know had one or still has one!!

I may have missed other cars but due to the time constraints I apologize for not being able to feature them.

To all these cars, may I say thank you...for the memories...

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Another loss for Malaysians..A man who followed his dreams and made it!

Yesterday I heard the sad news of the sudden death of (the late) Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin , the founder and chairman of NAZA group in LA.

He was fighting a late stage lung cancer. He was 53.
I have been reading about his NAZA empire and even though I didn't know this man, I have a deep respect and great admiration of him.

I once had a dream like him i.e to have my own car by my own name when I was young.
Reason being I saw most car companies in the world were founded by men who love their machines.

Here's a few example:
(Note:the year at the end is the year they started rolling their first car model, the company might be started earlier)

Mercedes Benz- Karl Benz, Germany 1886

Peugeot- Armand Peugeot (brothers), France 1889

Ford- Henry Ford , USA, 1903

Honda- Soichiro Honda , Japan, 1948

Renault-Louis Renault ,France 1898

Citroen- Andre Citroen, France 1919

Ferrari - Enzo Ferrari, Italy, 1929

Porsche (now part of VW AG)- Ferdinand Porsche,Germany 1931

Toyota- Kiichiro Toyoda (son of Sakichi Toyoda) ,Japan, 1937

Datsun (later Nissan) -The DAT family (Den Kenjiro, Aoyama Rokuro,Takeuchi Meitaro),Japan, 1931

Suzuki- Michio Suzuki ,Japan 1937

Opel -Adam Opel ,Germany 1906 (Opel is now part of GM such as Vauxhall in the UK, Holden in Australia ,Isuzu in Japan , Chevrolet in the US etc)

Audi (before VW AG) - August Horch,Germany 1901

Maserati - Maserati brothers ( Carlo Maserati, Bindo Maserati and Alfiery Maserati),Italy 1926

Mazda - Ahura Matsuda ,Japan, 1960

Well, I could go on and on but I need to mention these great car lovers who made cars out of their passion but never put their name on:

Volvo - Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, Sweden, 1927

Skoda (before VW AG bought it)- Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement , Czech Republic , 1894

I said then if other ccountries could produce cars, why not Malaysia :).

This was the question Volvo creators asked more than 80 years ago in Sweden hence they produced Volvo. I am sure everybody knows what is Volvo.

Talking about Volvo, let me tell you something about Volvo:

Life better lived together is their latest TV commercial. They are known for their safety features.

The reason they made it to be safe because there is a sad story behind it.

Volvo was originally started after Assar Gabrielsson's wife died in an auto accident, he then vowed to produce the safest cars possible .

The rest was history. I will write a special topic about Volvo when I have time.

But fate had me going another way. So this man had followed his dream and he died doing what he loved most.

But as the saying says, only the good ones die young. Which is sadly quite true. I can name a few: Tan Sri P.Ramlee, Tan Sri Yahya Ahamd ( DRB founder).

I really envy him. He started his business at the age of 21 back in 1974.
He saved RM80,000 (quite a large sum that time I suppose) and went to Japan to buy 10 Japanese used cars.

He imported those cars to Malaysia with his AP and sold all of them. He made his first million ringgit a year later. RM1 million in 1975!!!

This man was accused as being one of the AP kings, but he actually worked hard for it and used the system to eventually provided jobs to more than 4,000 Malaysians and I must stress that he hired both bumi and non-bumi.

To me he was a true businessman and his love for cars had made him rich (damn, this was what I wanted to do!) and proved that anyone can become successful provided one works really hard.

For his contributions to South Korea (Kia Motor Corporation), Nasimuddin received the country's Industrial Service Medal.

Anyway, condolence to his family and I hope we will always remember this man for what he did and most of all he followed his dream....

A great man!

RIP Tan Sri...

Friday, 25 April 2008

This is our life (errr...more like my life)

Wake up every morning do some exercise such as 50 sit-ups or just stretching the muscles.

Then shower, prepare breakfast, then go to work. I have the option of either taking the bus, the luxury to take my trustworthy car or to cycle.

There is another option which I think is the most extreme ,which is walking.

Maybe I will try it sometime.... :)

After arriving at my desk, the first thing to do is to login to the network, check all emails from work to leisure (yahoo, bla bla)...

Then after work, either driving home or taking the bus.

Then to the gym,cycling or just at home doing nothing when I am at my laziest point :)

Cook dinner and then go to sleep hoping for a sweet dream and wait for tomorrow to come again, and it sure comes again ... again and again..until...?

maybe as long as I could live perhaps?

I remember a line from the movie P.S I Love You - Hillary Swank was saying: "...this is our life and no one ever come out of it alive."

How true ....!

I guess this is my life and the routine seems boring sometimes but hey, this is my life..

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I finally bought a bike!!

After work today, I decided to pop into a bike shop near my flat and I was lucky because the shop was offering a mountain bike with a front disc brake and full suspension for £99.

It would have been £125 without the discounted price.

So without much consideration, I bought it!! yeee haaa....

Only two bikes were left, so I grabbed one as summer is fast coming and today's weather was sooo lovely.

I cycled for about 4 miles which is quite a good distance for me since I stopped cycling after I got my motorcycle and driving license 18 years ago!!

Wow, that's quite a loooongg time ago!! Time flies, really flies...

The gears (24-speed) all work and the suspension absorbed the rut and bumps along the way beautifully!

Can't wait to go to work with my bike tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Powering a nation: Have you ever spare a thought?

Everybody needs energy but where will it come from?

See these Chevron ads:





These ads are a bit mushy but they are actually true , not that I am promoting Chevron but the message is poignant and scary.

Most Malaysian people when asked where do u think our electricity comes from, they will answer - hydroelectric.

Do they know that currently this form of renewable power only supplies 11% of the country's power?

The balance is made up with gas/coal or diesel fired power stations.
These can supply anything between 500MW to 2,500MW and they only need a small space.

Hydro electric in Malaysia can only supply between 300MW to 1,000MW perhaps?

Even Hoover Dam can only supply around 2,000MW of electricity and look at the sheer area it takes just to generate that much power.

Another example is China's Three Gorges Dam. Which is huge and probably can supply power around 3,000MW.

Dams are not 100% environmentally friendly because they may also pose environmental problems like flooding, silting, deforestation (in order to make space for them) and so on.

So have we ever spare a thought when we flick that airconditioner switch in our homes, where does our energy comes from?

We need to educate ourselves and our family to understand this issue better and for a better tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Beginning

Hi all,

Well finally I managed to create my own blog after some time of reading others.,albeit deliberately.

Maybe I was lazy or just didn't have enough courage, I don't know.

Welcome to my blog, my thoughts and life away from home.

Today is Saturday April 19,2008.

Another gloomy and cloudy spring (or is it?) morning in London.

Don't know what to write this morning.

Just bought a few mp3 songs on the net from The Beatles, Van Morrisson and listening to old Malay mp3 downloaded last night.

Some childhood nostalgia songs like Kain Pelikat (la la la la) by Anuar and Ellina.

Sedap pulak dengar suara dia orang nih...nostalgia beb.

While looking for old Malay songs last night on the net, I stumbled with a website (can't remember the name right now), where I found a lot of old 60s,70s and even 50s Malay songs .
I also found some 80's song like Dr. Sam's-Saya anak Malaysia

These songs are actually nice to listen and for some reason, I felt so patriotic when I listened to Saya anak Malaysia.

I guess where ever we go, kita tetap anak Malaysia be you a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan etc.

But looking at Malaysia today, I kinda feel sad that the country (the Malays especially) try very hard to sideline their own culture for a culture they don't really belong to.

Anyway, I will write more about this when I feel like it...hahahahaha.. :)